For Cyclists Travelers

For Cyclist Travelers

We love biking and we are very proud to provide nice bikes, top-of-the-line, tuned to perfection, and specially fit for you.

Our bikes have light frames, smooth-rolling tires, comfortable seats, and wide gear ranges for the best ride possible. The most important thing about any trip is getting to know the amazing benefits of travel by bike.
WE assemble each bike, our frame are all Italian made - high standard of quality, much like our fashion & sports cars - with components suitable for the hilly terrain in Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia.

Bikes sizes: Persons from 5' to 6'5'' can be accommodated, we have 46 cm frame up to 62cm.

Bike Gearing: We have many years of experience in choosing the best gearing for the Italian hills. Marco builds the bikes to ensure you always have a low enough gear to make the hills enjoyable, after all you are on vacation/holiday!
Both bikes have a low gearing ratio to assist with hill climbing: many of our bikes with compact gear setups have a large 30/32 size rear cog. Please ask us about any specific concerns you have about the gearing of our bikes so we can ensure you enjoy your trip.
Keep in mind our itineraries are completely secondary asphalt roads.

Race bike high-end

Carbon fiber or scandium frame; Shimano Ultegra groupset compact gear Compact: 50/34 in front and 12/27 in the back; race seat; drop handle bar; race wheels 28 Ultegra
With drop handlebars, these bicycles are built for traveling at higher speeds on paved roads, sometimes referred to as racing bikes. Our race bikes are all brand-new, reliable, and well maintained for your ideal cycling experience of Italy. Extremely efficient, incredibly smooth to ride and will take you everywhere with stability after a professional bike fitting session. Race bike with drop handle bar is strongly suggested if you use regularly those bike!

Flat bar road bike

Aluminum frame; front carbon fork; components Shimano Deore groupset 27/30 speed; gel saddle; upright handle bar; road wheels 28.
Hybrid bikes blend the characteristics of race bikes and mountain bikes. Hybrids typically have the flat, straight handlebars that provide a fairly upright sitting position and are designed to reduce shoulder and neck fatigue; a more upright position also provides more opportunities to view the beautiful countryside.
Our hybrids are lightweight, with road wheels and narrow road tires for low rolling resistance allowing for greater speed and less exertion when riding on paved roads.


Hybrid tandem
Aluminum frame, components Shimano Deore XT 27 speed, front shock, gel seat, hybrid wheels 26".

Race tandem
Scandium frame, carbon fiber front fork, components Sram Red 20 speed, carbon fiber handle bar and seat post, race wheels.
Pedaling through the countryside, you'll be intimately connected to the landscape, your senses fully engaged in the experience. The sights, sounds, and smells of the environment, the unique and delectable taste of local specialties, and interactions with local people lead to true understanding and full-bodied memories that last a lifetime. But none of that would be possible without the perfect bike. No matter which trip you are on, the right bike for you is always included. From comfortable touring bike that let you enjoy the world at your own pace to high performance, carbon road bikes designed to go wherever you want as fast as you want to, we have the bikes to connect you with the amazing world around you like no other means of travel can.

We are mostly a tour operator, bikes are for tours, but in same case we can rent bikes in Tuscany on weekly basis. The best is come to our shop for a professional bike fitting. Anyway we delivery the bike to accommodation and the cost depends on distance from our workshop in Pienza.
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